Thursday, October 28, 2004

Electoral History

The most electoral college votes ever received was Reagan, in 1984, garnering 525 votes; the fewest was Washington in 1789 -- he got only 64 votes. These were, however, not the extremes in regards to the percentage of the total number of votes. Roosevelt, in 1936, earned 98.5% -- or 523 -- of 531 votes, just eking out Monroe's 1820 win of 98.3% -- or 231 -- of 235 votes. The winner garnering the smallest percentage was Adams, in 1796, winning just 25.7%. Quincy Adams, however, had the smallest difference between him and his competitor -- Jackson beat him by 15 votes, but did not win a plurality and the House gave the election to Quincy Adams. The closest contest was 1800 when Adams and Jefferson tied and the House gave Jefferson the Presidency. This is closely followed by 1876 when Garfield had but one more -- 185 to 184 -- electoral vote than his challenger.


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