Monday, November 01, 2004

Tickets with the Same First Name

If John Kerry and John Edwards win the election, they will have broken a drought longer than that of the Red Sox: they will be only the second winning ticket with candidates having the same first name.

In 1824, John Quincy Adams and John C. Calhoun won the offices of president and vice-president: the first and only time two candidates with the same first name would win the election.

In 1864, Democrats George McClellan and George Pendleton teamed up to oppose Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Needless to say, they lost.

In 1916, the Republican candidates Charles Hughes and Charles Fairbanks lost agains Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Marshall. Fairbanks was vice-president earlier during Teddy Roosevelt's second term.

Though not on the same ticket -- as there were none at the time -- John Floyd and John Sargeant were National Republican candidates for president and vice-president, respectively, in 1832.

In an odd turn of events, George Clinton, the Democratic-Republican vice-presidential candidate of James Madison, received votes for both president and vice-president as a small faction of electors disapproved of Madison and voiced their protest by casting their votes for Clinton. Despite this, Madison easily won the presidency.


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