Sunday, December 19, 2004

First/Last Deaths

US Civil War
First Death: Private Daniel Hough---killed during the salute of the flag during the surrender of Ft Sumter when an ember fell into a powder keg 14 April, 1861.
Last Death: Private John J. Williams of Company B, 34th Indiana---killed during the Battle of Palmetto Ranch, Texas 13 May, 1865.

Capital Punishment in England
First: John Storey was the first killed---he was hung, drawn, and quartered---at the "Triple Tree," which was introduced as a permanent gallows at Tyburn, 1 June, 1571.
Last: Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans---real name, John Robson Walby ---on 13 August 1964. Ruth Ellis was the last woman to hang,13 July, 1955.

Capital Punishment in US
First: George Kendall for spying/espionage, in Virginia, 1608.


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